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Shoulder Surgery from top orthopedician in Dwarka Delhi

Understanding Shoulder Surgery from top orthopedician in Dwarka, Delhi

An Advanced shoulder surgery is another name for a surgery method in which mechanical equipment assist the orthopedic surgeon in Dwarka, Delhi  during various operations on the joint of the shoulder. In this type of shoulder surgery, the surgeon usually controls the component from a console next to the operating table. Unlike traditional methods of surgery, which are less precise, this system offers much better precision. for example repairing torn tendons such as rotator cuffs or fixing damaged ligaments.

The process commences with the surgeon feeding accurate orders into the system that then translates them into precise movements within the patient’s body. The provision of this level of accuracy could promote more accurate implant placement, minimise injury to adjacent tissues, and cut down on patient healing time.

Such shoulder surgery procedures are considered when conventional techniques are challenging because of procedural intricacies or if there is something unique about a patient’s anatomy. 

Procedure for advanced shoulder surgery in Delhi at The bone clinic Dwarka

  • Thorough Preoperative Preparation: The journey starts by creating detailed 3D images of the patient’s shoulder joint. These images form the basis of the surgical strategy.
  • Technology Support: During the operation, a robotic system aids the orthopaedic surgeon in carrying out the planned procedure with exceptional accuracy. The surgeon directs the robot to ensure the implants are positioned and aligned perfectly.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Throughout the surgery, the system gathers data and offers immediate updates to the surgeon. This enables adjustments as needed, ensuring the surgical plan is executed precisely.

Benefits of this shoulder surgery in Dwarka at the Bone Clinic

Robotic surgery offers significant advantages by improving accuracy, flexibility, and surgical control compared to traditional methods. It excels at performing intricate procedures that are typically challenging with conventional techniques.

However, robotic surgery may not be suitable for everyone. Your surgeon will discuss with you the pros and cons of robotic surgery, as well as how it stacks up against other options, considering your situation.

  • Precision: Robotic systems enable surgeons to perform procedures with enhanced precision and accuracy. It results in optimal placement and alignment of shoulder implants, which is essential for long-term joint function and durability.
  • Customisation: Using detailed preoperative planning and real-time feedback, robotic surgery allows for personalised surgical approaches tailored to each patient’s anatomy. It improves the fit of implants and enhances overall surgical outcomes.
  • Minimally Invasive: Robotic techniques often involve smaller incisions than traditional open surgery. It minimises trauma to surrounding tissues, reduces blood loss during surgery, and promotes faster recovery times for patients.
  • Faster Recovery: Due to the reduced trauma and smaller incisions, patients undergoing robotic shoulder replacement surgery experience quick recovery periods. It includes shorter hospital stays and quicker return to daily activities and work.
  • Reduced Risk of Complications: The precise nature of robotic surgery lowers the risk of complications such as nerve damage, blood vessel injury, and infection. It contributes to safer surgical outcomes and improved patient safety.
  • Long-term Joint Function: Proper alignment and precise placement of implants with robotic assistance can contribute to improved joint function and durability over time. It may decrease the likelihood of needing revision surgery in the future.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Overall, robotic shoulder replacement surgery aims to improve patient satisfaction by offering a combination of advanced technology and skilled surgical care. ​

Who needs advance shoulder surgery in Delhi?

  • Severe Shoulder Arthritis: Patients with advanced arthritis of the shoulder joint, where conservative treatments like medications and physical therapy have not provided sufficient relief, may opt for robotic shoulder replacement. This procedure can alleviate pain and improve joint function.
  • Rotator Cuff Tears: Large or complex tears of the rotator cuff tendons may require surgical repair. Robotic assistance can aid in precise suturing and reattachment of the torn tendons to the bone, promoting better healing and recovery.
  • Shoulder Fractures: Certain types of shoulder fractures, especially those involving the ball-and-socket joint (proximal humerus fractures), may benefit from robotic surgery to ensure accurate realignment and stabilisation of the fractured bones.
  • Failed Previous Shoulder Surgery: Individuals who have undergone previous shoulder surgeries that were unsuccessful or resulted in complications may be candidates for revision surgeries using robotic techniques. It allows for more precise corrections and improvements.
  • Complex Shoulder Instability: Cases of chronic shoulder instability or recurrent dislocations may require surgical stabilisation procedures. Robotic technology can assist in accurately placing anchors and sutures to restore stability to the shoulder joint.
  • Degenerative Joint Diseases: Other degenerative conditions affecting the shoulder joint, such as avascular necrosis or osteonecrosis, may necessitate surgical intervention. Robotic shoulder surgery can help in precise joint resurfacing or replacement to manage these conditions effectively.
  • Younger, Active Individuals: Robotic shoulder surgery may also be considered for younger, active individuals who desire a faster recovery and return to their normal activities after shoulder joint reconstruction or replacement.

Shoulder replacement surgery at The Bone Clinic, Delhi marks a major advancement in orthopaedic treatment. Our skilled orthopaedic surgeons, supported by advanced robotic technology, guarantee patients receive exceptional care. For those considering robotic shoulder replacement in Delhi, The Bone Clinic offers precise, personalised treatment and a dedication to excellence in orthopaedic joint surgery.

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